Being In The Black

Being in the black can mean a lot of different things. For most business owners, it means being profitable. When a business owner sets out on a new venture, establishing a profitable business is one, if not the only, driving force. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs get lost in the day-to-day tasks of running the business and forget their main purpose. As your profit and growth expert I will apply The Universal Business Model to help maximize the profitability of your business. Each month with my financial expertise, combined with access to a variety of analytical tools, we can work together to assess your business’s financial position and progress.

wisdom-pyramidWith my help you can improve your business’s financial position using¬† The Wisdom Pyramid.¬† Here’s a short list of what you will accomplish:

  • Know how your business stacks up against the competition using the professional business assessment we provide.
  • Recognize your business’s strengths and weaknesses, and use that awareness to improve your profitability.
  • Identify trends that expose what is both helping and hindering to your business.
  • Take advantage of tax benefits through regular reviews of your tax position.

By gathering the necessary information through the bookkeeping and accounting process, I will analyze the data and help you make the changes required to improve your business’s profitability. Whether you need a financial audit or review, I can help move your business forward.